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Welcome to SCA! We are the official Airsoft player league of Sonoma County,California. Our goal as an organization is to provide our local airsoft community with a sense of unity, a place to link up with fellow airsofters, and a place to attend safe, legal, and well organized airsoft events. We are a community that welcomes players of all backgrounds to take part in activities associated with the hobby of Airsoft. No matter what your level of play, age, or skill level may be, you are welcome here.

Sonoma County Airsoft is currently the largest Airsoft organization in the North Bay. As of March 2012, we are a State ofCalifornia Unincorporated Non-Profit Association. We host games on a loose, month to month basis at various fields around Sonoma County, CA. All of our events are hosted on private property with exclusive permission from property owners. Because of this, there are no legal issues with our events. All players over the age of 13 are welcome to attend our events. We are not a military simulation organization. We generally run basic scenarios, as well as team deathmatch. Our primary goal with Sonoma County Airsoft hosted events is to provide a safe, legal and organized atmosphere in which players can enjoy the hobby of Airsoft.

Our online forum is where most of the activity takes place. Here, one can find a great deal of information compiled by local airsofters. This is where all of our community discussion takes place. Local events are also posted on our forum, whether they are hosted by Sonoma County Airsoft or not. Our forum is a huge archive of information relative to Airsoft. Feel free to join up! The link can be found on the upper right portion of this page.

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